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  • Atendimento 24h
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  • 1 noite - de 01 Fev a 02 Fev
  • R$ 158

O Comfort Inn Gennevilliers está localizado a 15 minutos do centro de Paris. 5 minutos do Estádio St. Denis, a 10 minutos de La Defense ea 15 minutos do Aeroporto Internacional Roissy. Localizado atrás da ponte de St. Ouen, 400 metros de distância da Leroy Merlin e próximo de Gennevilliers bhv, à beira de Villeneuve la Garenne / Gennevilliers. O hotel goza de uma excelente localização, em Paris, onde você pode ir a reuniões de negócios, turismo ou apenas relaxar.

Serviços do Comfort Hotel Gennevilliers

  • Serviços
    Admite Animais de Estimação (custo adicional), Recepção 24h, GRÁTIS - Estacionamento, Segurança 24h, Sala de Reuniões
  • Recreação
  • Gerais
    Café da Manhã (custo adicional), Restaurante, Elevador, Internet Wi-Fi em Áreas Sociais (custo adicional), Acesso para Deficientes Físicos, Bar

Condições de compra do Comfort Hotel Gennevilliers

  • Horário de entrada
    12:00 hrs
  • Horário de saída
    12:00 hrs
  • Condições
    Existem algumas restrições, veja detalhes na página de resumo de compra.
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01 out 2013

We joined a travel group and stayed 3 nights in this hotel in Sept.2013. Struggled with the broken toilet seat and loosen outlet everyday. We asked to have another room, the staff said there was no more room available and the condition was OK. More shocks came with our breakfast service. Our group set the breakfast at 6:30a.m. and would departure at 7:30a.m.. When we came to the dining room at 6:35a.m., the staff (who was the only person on duty in the lobby) stopped us to enter, and said the group must have breakfast together. I asked him what’s meaning “Together”? He said there were 32 people in our group and must have 32 people come together to have breakfast, otherwise no one was allowed to eat although the appointed time was pass. This answer surprised all of us. At that time, there were more than 10 people waiting in the lobby, most of them are seniors and middle ages. I told him that 32 people “ together” was impossible, because there was no way and reason to force all people whose age from 20’s to 70’s must have breakfast at same time in a leisure travel group. And some people may don’t want to have this breakfast, they have other choices. But the staff still insisted that it was the hotel rule. As more and more people in our group came in the crowded lobby and time toward to 7:00a.m., some people couldn’t wait it anymore and walked in the dining room. The staff rushed out from the reception desk, pushed people out, shut off all lights in dining room, closed the double door, stood in front of the door and shout to us “No breakfast for you”. His unfriendly action and language shocked and irritated all of us!! Finally, with arguments and anger, we seated in the dining room, the hotel manager came in with the staff, a senior complained to him that this breakfast rule limited people’s free choice, it shouldn’t be happened in France, the country, which was so proud of Liberty. Unfortunately, the manager didn’t express any apology for this conflict, he rudely stopped the senior’s words and yelled to him “Don’t talk this (Liberty) to me, I said the group must have breakfast together! It’s OK.” and walked out. His arrogant behavior and ridiculous rule totally shocked us again; I had to say “Shame on you” on his back. We couldn’t believe this happened in a so called 3-star hotel in Paris area. I don’t understand what the boss is thinking about this place. Is it a jail? Camp? Or a Comfort Hotel? Every terrible thing is OK to them, from defective room facilities to impolite customer service. As the guests, we have the right to say NO to this uncomfortable and unfriendly Hotel.
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Jason M

23 abr 2012

We had a poor holiday due to staying at this hotel, but it was Thomas Cook rather than the hotel's fault, as it's Thomas Cook rather than the hotel that pretended it was something it wasn't. I pointed out that it was to be a romantic weekend away in Paris to celebrate a special occasion, was told by the (lovely but misinformed store staff) that it was near the Louvre in the centre of Paris, only a short walk from the Eurostar station and they would ask for a nice view. I paid substantially more than I would have done would I have just booked direct, but good advice and a special occasion are worth paying for. When we turned up, we handed a taxi driver the address, he looked at us like we were crazy and said 'This isn't in Paris!'. Needless to say, we then drove for what seemed like ages to a grotty industrial area where our 'romantically situated' hotel was. The view was romantic, if you have an industrial estate fetish, but my partner wasn't too impressed, needless to say. If you want to stay somewhere in the vicinity of the hotel, and you don't mind travelling in & out of Paris, it's fine for what you pay. The reception staff were delightful. The rooms weren't too bad - clean enough, and it's good value for money, if you don't mind the above. My only gripe is I was completely mis-sold the holiday by Thomas Cook, and it wasn't remotely like what I was told it was. I have since contacted them several times, and their answer is 'It is the customer's responsibility to check such things'. In other words, they're saying 'If we tell you something, we may not be telling the truth, and it's your responsibility to check we are'. Sorry? I thought the reason I paid over the top for the holiday rather than going to the hotel and Eurostar direct is because of the 'added value' Thomas Cook provide? Like 'advice and service'? Both have been pitiful. That's not the hotel's fault. They don't have a website saying 'We're in the middle of Paris, near all the best sites!'. That fault lies with the charlatans that are Thomas Cook.
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5.5 pontos


04 ago 2011

When I'm choosing a hotel, I usually read tripadvisor to get a good overview. This time I didn't and it was a very bad choice. Get to the hotel is not easy. The rooms are not for non-smokers, the one we stayed, have a a smell to cigarette very annoying. The rooms don't have isolation at all, so we could hear everything from other rooms, and on top of that the doors of the rooms make a tremendous amount of noise every time someone opened one. The staff at the reception was not very helpful either. Don't go here if you have a choice.
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17 mar 2011

we were here to sleep and eat. nothing more or less. reastaurant is closed in the weekend. breakfast was ok.
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10 mar 2009

we had the misfortune to stay here when we went to watch a game at the stade du france. The only good thing is the staff,very friendly.the rest is downhill,the rooms are well past their sell by date and smell a bit.its in the middle of nowhere and it takes 40mins to walk through an area like bagdad from the stade,unless you want to pay 70 euros from the taxi thieves.its 10mins+ walk to the station where you can't buy tickets to go into paris,we hopped on anyway hoping to sort it out on arrival,that was fun sorting that out i can tell you.anyway,if you want to see paris easily,spend a bit more and go elsewhere towards humanity.
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11 set 2008

Let me start with saying that we are not lazy people and walking is not a problem for us. But.. To get to hotel from airport takes 1.5-2 hours, need to take train, metro and the bus. Between the metro and bus, we paid us 10 euro each person, One way. The biggest issue is the bus. We arrived to Paris in PM hours, buses to hotel from metro come maybe once an hour. We got to hotel, checked in and wanted to go to city, it was 9:20 PM. We went to bus stop, stood there in cold and wind for one hour, there were no buses. We realized how risky it would be even later at night to get back to hotel if at 9 PM buses don't get there, so we went back to hotel and spent a night. I did see the bus finally get to the bus stop at 10:40 PM. Same problem was in the morning. We stood at the stop from 6:05 AM until 7 until bus finally came. So.. if you are going to Paris to stand at a bus stop, which I am sure you not.. I know in review before mine, people are saying that you can walk to metro. And when I read that review, I said - great, we can do that -10 minute walk, not a problem. We asked the hotel staff twice to let us know how to walk to metro, and they told us that we should go to bus stop instead because the road to metro is not easy to find, especially since it was already dark when we got there. The hotel is in a bad, unsafe area. Buildings around it look destroyed. Room itself wasn't terrible, bathroom was not clean. I know it's cheap, but you are going to waste your time and money going back and forth. Because it is in totally other direction, away from all the things you want to see in Paris. We ended up not being able to see anything because we only had one night and stupidly stayed in this hotel. I really hope I talked you out of staying there. or and to add.. there are no restaurants around hotel, the closest one is 1 km away. There is a restaurant in hotel, but it is closed during weekends. so, we went hungry too.. Find another hotel that may cost you a bit more, but if you add up the Euros you'll spend getting from this hotel somewhere and back and the cold you'd get from standing on the rain and the wind on the bus stop (which I am still fighting), trust me, it is worth paying a bit more and staying closer to center.
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24 jun 2008

Está bastante alejado del centro lo cual se hace pesado en el ir y venir...imprescindible el billetede transporte integrado. Tardé casi 2 horas en llegar de/a Orly! La zona es industrial, no hay nada de bares o restaurantes a menos que cojas autobuses y cambies de zona. -Pelos en la cama, almohadas llenas de manchas -LCD que se veía bastante mal -Aspecto sucio, dejado, desgastado y poco mantenimiento. -No hay internet, ni sala de TV -Poco amables (excepto el recepcionista de color..) -Casi nadie sabe hablar inglés -Máquina de refrescos cara y además no enfria nada. Por cierto, dejé un pendientede oro en la mesa de la habitación y lo estoy buscando y de momento no lo encuentro..... En definitiva: para comerciales trabajando igula les vale la pena pero para TURISTAS NO! busquen algo más cercano al centro que por este precio (o quizá un poquito más) seguramente encontrarán algo MUCHO se dejen engañar por las ofertas de avión+hotel de las webs edreamas o lastminute, miren BIEN el Hotel y su situación!!!!! Clive Castelldefels Barcelona
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