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Descrição: Geral: Hotel 8 andares. vistas da cidade e muito perto de um serviço excepcional Shopping Local: Shopping na área dos restaurantes e bares a poucos minutos: Restaurante próprio informal Restaurante Serviços: Elevadores serviços de limpeza a seco e serviço de lavandaria personalizado de negócios disponível na recepção Alojamento: Casas Quartos clássico clássico Estacionamento: com manobrista gratuito

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10 nov 2012

I have stayed in Singapore several times this was a one day layover. I have used the hotel 81 chain before. This is not the best, but was the cheapest at the time. Its not a close walk to the MRT (underground rail) It is in the middle of the redlight district and there was a prostitute every five metres on the streets around the hotel. Which I found remarkable for Singapore with their strict rules. It seems there arent too many streetlights in the area and walking there late at night would have been risky in any other country. But Singapore is exceptionally safe. It did not cause me any problem but its obviously a booming trade there. The room was clean, but there was no shower curtain so the water ended up on the floor. The beds were OK as was the aircon. But the windows didnt open and I love fresh air! The staff were friendly and the wake up call was on time. They processed me very quickly and had me in my room quickly and gone quickly in the morning. For the price it was Ok b
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6.5 pontos


29 out 2012

We have stayed in Geylang before and in Hotel 81s, and were expecting simple, small, clean and honest. We scored on the first two but not the later two. Started out bady by booking through website called booking.com which advertised the wrong price till after checkout. It was definitely overpriced, even for Singapore, at over $90. The room was on a non-smoking floor but smelled so badly of smoke I had asthma all night. The bathroom was quite dirty, mould over all the tiles, and for some very strange reason, the bed had been made so the sheets didn't cover a foot or so of mattress at the feet. We had to remake the bed. To top it all off, I was getting dressed when a key clattered in the door and an equally surprised gentleman guest apologised profusely and backed out. Either the keys fit multiple rooms or they are careless with room bookings. The hotel itself is OK and would be ok to stay at with better management and cleaning. For now, they should stick to taking the hourly bookings fr
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4.5 pontos


11 out 2012

I stayed one night here on a long airport layover. For the price, it was pretty darn good. I arrived at 1 am by taxi ($23S) from airport as trains don't run after about 11:15 pm. Two people at reception promptly greeted me and I was in my room in 10 minutes. It was clean, on the 8th floor, had sheets covering top of blanket (they must have gotten rid of those nasty leather like bedspreads others complained about). There was a small tv, bathroom was small but clean. Size of the room similar to European three stars... Thin towels, but they work. The queen size mattress was quite comfortable, and I had a good night's rest. Yes, there were a few prostitutes across the street, but they were friendly. I am a 60-something female solo traveler and I did not feel like this was a dangerous neighborhood. All in all, I would recommend this hotel as a very good value for Singapore.
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27 set 2012

I don't think this hotel is suitable for couple. I went there with my fiance and the area is full of poyos. We needed to walk for 15-20 minutes to reach the closest MRT which is Kallang. The room is small and dark, the bed has leather cover which is uncomfortable for sleeping. Small bathroom and no breakfast.
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24 ago 2012

1stly i'm on a vacation with my family. We stayed at a different hotel b4 this hotel.but we wanted to extend a night but no room is avaible.thus we got to know hotel81 from d concierge. We rented 2 rooms n after payment only we got to know that just across d street has a line of prostitutes. Omg.. Thank god for just a night stay. I rather not come here again. Owh btw..wifi is NOT free! Had to pay S$10.
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6.5 pontos


14 jul 2011

First room I checked into had a smell like something had died in it. Not exaggerating here, it almost made me gag. I asked to move rooms. The second room was the same layout as the first - very small, no shower curtain, a postage stamp sized TV. The bed was rock hard (and I'm used to a firm mattress). The mattress was covered with vinyl (no doubt because the rooms are used by the many prostitutes that congregate outside) and the thin sheet kept slipping off. On the plus side, there was free Wifi, and the location of the hotel is interesting. True, it's in a red light district, and the prostitutes hang around on the streets outside, but it didn't feel dangerous at all and the area had a very genuine "locals" feel to it instead of being just another street full of shopping malls. Some pretty good local places to eat in the area. About a 10 minute walk to the nearest MRT which is about 4 or 5 stops from the city - not too bad. Singapore hotels are expensive. This is one of the cheap
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29 abr 2011

I stayed here as a transit stop and it was ok. I do not mind being in Geylang and if you understand it's a red light area and can live with it, why not? The good thing about Geylang, if you are a foodie, is the massing number of restaurants in the area service excellent local foods. Everything is available, and is cheap and delicious. What I didn't like about the hotel was the aircon was too warm, so much so I really had a tough time sleeping. For that reason alone, I will not stay there again. However, if the heat doesn't bother you, it's a reasonable hotel.
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29 jan 2011

Hotel 81 is a hotel chain in Singapore. Many of their hotels were obviously purchased from other owners and remodeled. The rooms are actually quite clean and modern. we spent one night in the Hotel 81 Princess in Geyland which is in the middle of the red light district. Many hotels in this and other areas rent by the hour. But here is the fatal flaw in this hotel chain - in all their hotels the mattresses are made, or at least covered, in Naugahyde plastic! The sheets are also about 90% plastic polyester. You cannot sleep on these beds! In my 40 years of world travels this was the worst mattress I have ever slept on. The sheets will slide around and off the bed and to top things off there is no mattress cover. I checked other Hotel 81's and they all have this horrible mattress. I told them I would rather sleep on a park bench which would have been more comfortable! We booked over the Internet for three nights but left after one night. They tried to charge us a one night pe
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21 out 2010

I stayed in many hotel 81. But this one is the best. These hotel 81 s are all located in Geylang which is considered to be Red Light area. Yet these are the hotels with clean records. In my opinion "princess" of hotel 81 is really very good. This time when I had the problem with my room's sink getting clogged and found it at around 1:30 am. I was quite hesitant in calling the reception at that hour fearing that they would suggest me to change the room. To my surprise, there was this handyman who knocked only 10 minutes later. He came in and temporarily fixed it. It was however, fixed again properly in the morning without me reminding then. A very nice budget motel for a place like Singapore
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16 out 2010

Great start - we arrived here after a 12 hour flight at 10am and they let us check straight in to our room with no quibbles and a smile to boot. Yes, this hotel is in the middle of the red light district and yes, this hotel is used by prostitutes and their clients. But - and it's a big but - we did not feel any sense of threat or unease as a result of this. Thursday night was very quiet, Friday night was a little more active (in a 'Meg Ryan in the cafe' sort of way at one point) but really, we slept very well both nights we were there. Air conditioniong fine and functional, room small but adequate, reasonable amount of fairly hot water for baths/showers, and free internet connection in the room. Desk staff were helpul and friendly throughout. The other good thing about this hotel is that it's 50 yards from Geylang Rd, where there are all sorts of interesting and cheap food haunts - whether you fancy Chilli Crab (try No Signboard Seafood restaurant at No. 412) or frog porridge or so
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