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O hotel balnear proporcionar-lhe-á uma estada relaxante e tranquila nos seus 120 quartos e suites com vista para a piscina e o jardim. As comodidades incluem ar condicionado, hall de entrada com recepção em serviço sob 24 h, cofre, guichet para câmbio monetário, bar, discoteca, restaurante, serviço de quartos e de lavandaria, bem como um parque infantil.

Serviços do Vergina Sharm

  • Serviços
    Estacionamento (custo adicional), Serviço de Quarto, Lavanderia (custo adicional)
  • Recreação
    Casa noturna, Piscina Infantil, Academia, Sauna, Piscina Coberta (todo o ano), SPA, Salão de Jogos, Piscina Descoberta
  • Gerais
    Restaurante, Acesso para Deficientes Físicos, Ar-condicionado, Bar

Condições de compra do Vergina Sharm

  • Horário de entrada
    15:00 hrs
  • Horário de saída
    11:00 hrs
  • Condições
    Existem algumas restrições, veja detalhes na página de resumo de compra.
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09 jan 2014

I was here from Dec 31, 2013 to Jan 7, 2014 with my family. My camera was stolen from our table during New Year Ceremony, while we had been away for just 1 minute to cheer with people sitting by the next table. Thanks to hotel staff they returned it to us next day and said sorry (I guess a waiter took it). Overall the staff were very kind and always trying to do their best! Barman and receptionists are very professional and do their job perfectly. During New Year Ceremony you SHOULD PAY to bring YOUR OWN drinks, I guess it was $10 per every bottle or you have to pay for their drinks which were not the best. The food of the restaurant was good though! You should be AWARE not to leave any money in your pockets. On the third day some Egyptian money and Armenian money has been disappeared from my suit pocket. I asked not to let anybody to clean my room until I was there. For everything else my rating (service, value, location rooms) is 3, for staff my rating is 5+. Won't stay there again!
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5.6 pontos

Jan P

04 jan 2014

Rooms were ok, staff very helpful and tried their best. Food left a lot to be desired, very bland until a guest showed them how to make a curry!! very dissapointed with having to pay for water, no tea or coffee facilities as a tee total customer a little more flexibility on drinks would have been appreciated. A charge of £28 extra for xmas dinner was excessive to say the least. I agree with previous review, the pool was like swimming in the North Sea which I have done, the jacuzzi and waterfall were only switched on for a short period whilst photos were taken! ( ie for the Russians) Wi Fi is not free at all approx £30 for the week. The owners need to look at other 4 star all inclusive in the area if they want to keep customers happy. The 3 star next door was far better, heated pools and true all inclusive facilities, wish I had booked there instead and saved myself some money
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6.0 pontos


03 jan 2014

I went with my friend over new year when we turned up we couldn't believe it was the same place we had read on trip advisor all the reviews and it was totally different to what we expected. We asked to change room as it wasn't the cleanest dirty bathroom, broken floor tiles, small room the man on reception showed us another room wasn't much better he couldn't understand what we thought was wrong with them very ignorant man . we was limited to drinks at bar which was warm the staff was told to work slow or ignored us so we could drink much which I don't anyway couldn't even just get water when you wanted it we was limited to food we could have by not been able to help yourself it was mainly catered for Russians not nice. The outside area of pool was the best place but lots of flies and pool was too cold to go in so we ended up going to the beach everyday and paying to eat out couldn't fault Reef beech down the road it was lovely there staff so nice . ... . New year eve party couldn't get drinks at our table as they wanted to charge use so really it wasn't all inclusive we ended up leaving and going out new year . I have been to Egypt before and loved it in a different hotel I can't believe how different it was this time only good thing was the weather and English people who we met and went out with on a night too different pub where we paid for drinks as couldn't get served on a night with one bar staff in the verginia sharm poor man worked so hard I would not recommend this hotel and I never always believe what people put on here when us English like to moan but feel I had to write something as was just upset with what I paid and what I got . . . .
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3.6 pontos


22 jul 2013

i have just come back from a 12 day break at verginia sharm and had an amazing time, the staff were great the room was fab the only downfall was the food it was pretty much the already looking to book again for next year
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8.0 pontos


02 jul 2013

I am so looking forward to returning to Verginia Sharm in October, it is my home in Egypt i have stayed at least 3 /4 times a year since 2009. My friend Tracey and I have thoroughly enjoyed our visits over the years. The rooms have always been clean if there has ever been a problem the hotel have moved us to another room without any issues. I have always had a balcony room which I love. The staff are extremely helpful, polite and willing to do what ever you need. The pool bar is always happy and buzzing the barman Mohamed Amhed has it running so smoothly and cant do enough for you, He runs the upstairs bar in the evening and this to is an enjoyable night with the bar running smoothly. Samara and his animation team work really hard to entertain and keep the guest happy. The evening shows are wonderful. Reading some good reviews recently hope all is well see you in October 2013.
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8.8 pontos


21 dez 2013

I went to this hotel for one week at the end of November with my husband and our two friends. We went to celebrate our friend's 70th Birthday and we could not have chosen a better and more friendly hotel. I cannot possibly mention all of the staff individually, but without exception, every one of them were friendly, courteous and nothing was too much trouble. I suppose I really ought to mention "Busy" (head porter I think) and Mohammed (pool bar and restaurant) they were outstanding, but as I said, from cleaners to General Manager, EVERYONE was so accommodating and friendly. There was an unbelievable atmosphere at the hotel in general, we are not usually ones to "get up and join in" with everything, but the animation team just seemed to get you to do this without "in-your-face" hassle. Rooms were brilliant, food was good and the chef was always willing to rustle up a few chips if you didn't fancy what was on offer. The Chef even made a beautiful cake for our friend's 70th and the dinner table was decorated with fresh flowers - lovely and quite touching. The hotel itself is a picture with flowers dripping from every level. All in all, for the cost of this week in November we could not have done better had we booked a 4/5* hotel. The only one very small disappointment was that you could not get wine outside of the dining room in the evening. Wine is not provided in the all inclusive package in any of the bars. Apart from this one small thing, we could not have celebrated our friends 70th anywhere better than in the Verginia Sharm and we cannot wait to go back again next year to meet up with all the lovely staff that made the holiday so fantastic.
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8.4 pontos


18 dez 2013

stayed 10 nights had a great time. some of the staff need a pat on the back, osama in the restaurant and his team were excellent. Araby the head chef what a nice guy. reception staff excellent. rooms were kept spotless for us. Good entertainment. the hotel was in a great position on el cid hill. Both beaches excellent, snorkleing good. Real shame the russians spoil it with their rudeness and greed. The hotel is well worth the money you pay, the only downfall we could find was the breakfast.
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10 pontos


25 ago 2013

My partner and I stayed here and it wasnt what we expected. The food is vile a guest found glass in his food and the management didn't seem to care. Another guest cracked his head open in the pool no staff came to help was left to other guests oh and the guy behind the pool bar tried to help but didn't have a clue. Wifi supposed to be free but isn't. The entertainment was pretty much non existent half hour if that n as it wasn't busy due to guests going into town they would cancel the entertainment for the rest of us with no warning. Couldn't have a relaxing day by the pool without this man grabbing your hand and pestering you to get a massage and was not nice when said no thanks. We went all inclusive but had to pay before 10am and after 11pm and water you had to pay for. Was never any snacks by the bar the bar man up stairs was so rude and slagged off the English n would stop serving you if russians or little children came to the bar.would not recommend going if you want a peaceful holiday.
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7.2 pontos

Robert N

15 ago 2013

May I tell you about a hotel I've just spent the last week in with my good lady wife. It is a lovely and really friendlily hotel that goes by the name VERGINIA RESORT HOTEL. Myself I would give this hotel a good 9/10 as there was not a thing that they wouldn't do for you. This comes from the top management all the way down to the humble porter. It is a great example that the guest comes first. Let me try to tell you about just a few off the staff of VERGINIA RESORT HOTEL that in more than once had gone out off there way just to make our week down in Sharm El Shake a week to remember for a long time to come. (All ready planning to return to VERGINIA RESORT HOTEL again next year myself). At this time I have to apologise to all that I have forgotten names off. But if they read this they will know who they are and I have not forgot them as a person. OK the the best place to start would be check-in, Arriving in Sharm El Shake in the late evening about 10:30 the gent at check-in ask very po-lightly for my paperwork and as he did all he had to do pointed out the lobby bar and offer myself and wife a complementary-drink. By this time all check-in completed and a porter waiting to show us to our room, friendlily and hassle free and I all so by this time been given the name that all the staff was to call me all week.(Mr Robert). As it was so late in the evening the gent at check-in had a light snake of fresh rolls and salad for two sent to the room. That leads me on to breakfast, as the VERGINIA RESORT HOTEL is catering manly for the Easter European my wife was not to keen on wait was on offer. And she settled for some fruit and a cup off tea. However as we went for lunch we where welcomed at the door by the head chef who is one off them wee men that you can never remember the name off, but if you do go to the VERGINIA RESORT HOTEL you can not miss the wee man as he is the living embodiment off the games character super Mario He was in the company off the waiter that no matter how hard I try I just can not fault.(Ibrahim) Bottom line whatever we wanted to eat we just had to ask Ibrahim the meal before and we got it. On the night of locale meals well I have to say myself and the wife must have had the pick off the meal. All prepared and plated as well as served the the head chef himself. This brings me on to daily life just nicely, As both me and the wife are in the 2nd halve off 100 that did not stop the recreation team trying very hard to include us in the daily activates such as morning exercises, darts,volleyball,table tennis and so on, and the evening entertainment off traditional and modern was all good light entertainment. Now for all you out there know that the people that can make or brake your holiday is your bar staff. At this time I'm going to name names as they do deserved to be named, and it all good. I just hope I get the spelling of there names right and if not they do not get offended as for the 4 of them I intend to keep in touch with. So the 1st one being the Barman at the pool bar Machmide this young man has an imagination 2nd to nun and has the female guest bursting with laughter. 2nd one Mohamed the barman from the main lobby of the VERGINIA RESORT HOTEL. Mohamed was full of very use-full advise of where to go and where not to go and how to get there safely and back again as well as his very good advise he is a very witty man. I personally rate him as the best barman that I came across in Sharm El Shake. (so if he gives you advise please take it in the spirit it is given). 3rd Shetief Mohamed this barman works down in the main restaurant and know what you drink at each meal. A quite big man and well mannered. The 4th is my wife's favourite Mustafa this gentle mannered man can be fund at both the pool and the main lobby bars. He. He will make and find time to speak to you on a one to one if you just wanted someone to talk to. I did say that the start the top management. Well a young lady introduced her self to my wife and had a wee chat with her for about 15 to 20 mind. It was not till about an hour later that we where told who she was. Now after wards I was surprised to be told by the wife that they just chatted as 2 people do and not about her stay. The young lady turned out to be the wife of the owner. Last but not less the young gentleman that always brighting our day was Amit the room cleaner all ways happy by the ways he folded towels and so professional at carrying out his job. As you can see from top to bottom all staff work hard to make your stay at the VERGINIA RESORT HOTEL. In Sharm El Shake as best it can be. A big well dune to all.
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9.6 pontos

Keith C

09 jul 2013

We have stayed in the Verginia Sharm on numerous occasions over the last 3 and a half years and have always thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The rooms have always been basic but clean and tidy and spacious with a lovely large balcony. The food is varied and well prepared - and come on guys be serious if ya gonna come to Egypt for a holiday don't expect black pudding and toad in the hole. It's cultural, cooked well with good choice. The pool area was great and fun to stay at every day and all of the staff were lovely, especially Mohammed Ahmed, the pool bar attendant who always had us in fits of laughter as well as trying his hardest to cater for whatever we wanted. All in all its a great value hotel to spend your time in whilst visiting Sharm El Sheik
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8.4 pontos
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Vergina Sharm - 303 Motels Street, Ras Om Elsid .hadabt Om-el Sid, , Charm El-cheikh

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