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  • Melhor preço garantido
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  • Estacionamento

O Super 8 Motel-Liberty/NE Kansas City (Missoouri) fica a 10 km do Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. O cassino Harrah's e a Sam Town ficam a 13 km do hotel e o centro de Kansas City fica a 16 km. O Super 8 satisfaz as necessidades dos viajantes ocupados com café fresco e amplo estacionamento como cortesia. Os quartos tradicionais incluem TV a cabo e ligações locais como cortesia.

Serviços do Super 8 Motel

  • Serviços
    Recepção 24h, GRÁTIS - Estacionamento
  • Gerais
    GRÁTIS - Internet Wi-Fi em Áreas Sociais, Café da Manhã

Condições de compra do Super 8 Motel

  • Horário de entrada
    15:00 hrs
  • Horário de saída
    11:00 hrs
  • Condições
    Existem algumas restrições, veja detalhes na página de resumo de compra.
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Kelli R

29 jan 2014

was not very impressed with the motel. Beds were VERY noisy just sitting on them. Pillows were very flat. Breakfast was pretty much toast with butter or jelly.
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5.6 pontos

Harold K

24 jan 2014

They're making improvements all the time getting bette r. the rooms are clean quiet very affordable. there that they did the internet and cable they are excellent now the staff is always friendly courteous and very helpful. I enjoy staying here.
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10 pontos

Larry S

22 jan 2014

Somehow I was directed by link to this website when I actually was trying to reach Choice hotels. The phone was answered "reservations", so I had no idea who I was speaking with. I asked for a Choice hotel in Liberty and was told there wasn't one, but they could put me in a Super 8. I asked about the quality of the Super 8 and was told it was comparable. I had a lot of trouble finding the hotel because the directions I was given were incorrect. Once I found it, I was very disappointed in the condition and quality. I went ahead and checked in as I didn't know what options I had. I was there about an hour and during this time made phone calls on my cell. I found a Choice hotel about a mile away. Remember, the reservation desk told me there wasn't a choice hotel in Liberty MO. I placed a complaint at the desk and was refused a refund. I left the hotel anyway, in exactly the condition it was when I arrived. I plan to dispute the charges and plan to contact any consumer group advocate I can to voice my complaint.
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2.0 pontos

Stephanie W

13 jan 2014

This hotel definitely needs some improvement, the bathroom was not clean, the towels were used, the bedding was so worn you could see through it, and the heater was so loud you couldn't sleep. Upon checkout I wanted to pay cash and the rep refused to do it, he said he couldn't.
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4.0 pontos

Marcos C

25 dez 2013

Clean your rooms. Hair on bed sheets and towels. Boger on wall. Desk chair stained with who knows what, etc...
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5.2 pontos


10 set 2013

Stayed here while traveling with a newborn. At first glance, the room looks clean but it needs a good scrub down. I layed my baby on the bed while I unpacked my truck after unpacking and going to bed, she woke up with pink eye... Front staff did their job of checking us in, no friendly or bad attitudes, they were just there it seemed. Location seemed a little scary.. But there was a gas station I could walk to for snacks and drinks. Overall.. We slept ok.. I dont know about the blankets being clean since we left there with pink eye.
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5.2 pontos

Karen G

10 set 2013

for the most part my stay was OK. the room was clean, however there was a dampness that is probably because the ground level is below grade. I did catch nasty cold because of it. the front desk staff was very friendly and helpful. The outside of the facility was pooly kept.
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8.8 pontos

Edward M

04 set 2013

okay we were there to visit with family and friends, meet our need of price, and location. staff was very nice
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8.0 pontos


29 ago 2013

Ugh. Yuck. I do not recommend this place. Just not worth it. And it's not like I had high expectations to start with - I'm always on a budget and am used to cheap motels. The issues: -Smelly. I was happy to be offered a nonsmoking room, but it still stunk. I turned the AC off and risked sleeping with the window open (at least the screen wasn't ripped) to try and get some fresh air. -Furniture. Like I said, I wasn't expecting luxury or high fashion, but I was expecting maybe to be able to move about the room. The furniture was randomly shoved in and didn't even fit right; it's like they got some other hotel's discarded garbage. So you have to kind of squeeze around things. -Dirt. The desk chair was SO STAINED (white splotches all over) AND SO DIRTY (crumbs, hair) that I used the folding luggage rack to sit on instead. If this chair had been free on Craigslist or sitting on the curb I would not have taken it. That bad. When I turned the comforter back there were visible stains on its underside; I don't know if the sheets were clean or not, but I did sleep on them (old, lumpy, flat pillows and all). Everything smelled and felt stale and humid and I basically tried to avoid touching anything. By then these two things had already made me decide not to shower or use the towels. -Broken stuff. The toilet lid FELL OFF when I tried to shut it. The (stained) lamps by the bed would not turn on, and when I poked around to make sure they were plugged in, I saw why: THE CORD ENDED IN A SHREDDED MESS - no plug at all. Ah, that's why. -Breakfast: The bfast room is down in the basement level in a tiny and unventilated room. I stuck my head down in there thinking to try and grab, like, a banana and a cup of coffee on my way out. It was so sad and unappetizing and half-hearted that I just left. I didn't even spot the coffee but I probably left too quickly to see if it was there or not. The pros: -The only reason I wasn't just sleeping in my car was due to safety concerns on the road, and at very least, I can say that this area and the hotel in general felt safe for a woman traveling alone. -Front desk guy was nice. It was the middle of the night and he was helpful and normal and not creepy. -It was quiet on a Wednesday night/morning. What really pissed me off was that this place still cost $64 after tax. WAY too expensive for a pile of junk with lights that don't work and pieces that fall off and dirty furniture randomly jigsawed into the room. Maybe I'd have been okay with it if it was $20 or $30 cheaper. Terrible, terrible value and absolutely not worth the trouble and grossness of being there. No discount offered for late-night booking (I arrived w/o a reservation after 1:30 am - some places will cut you a break for a shortened stay and for the last-minute business). No doubt about it, I'd absolutely choose to sleep in my car rather than pay for this in the future.
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4.0 pontos

Linda K

24 ago 2013

Super 8's vary greatly in different cities; some are clean and updated. This room was very nice; clean and updated. A great way to spend my first night on this road trip.
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8.8 pontos
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